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One Red Lipstick is all about inspiring women to know that they can triumph through all the challenges and struggles.  But we can’t do it alone, we need your help!  If you love the book, the film and the stories please share it.

One story can have a dramatic impact on a woman’s, self confidence and  her life.   We all need role models, and thanks to Spenser Chapple, we now have.

Through the One Red Lipstick project, twenty-something Spenser was on a quest to find women entrepreneurs who had been there and back, and yet were still successful in life and in business. She’s brought together 24 entrepreneurial women from across North America, each with an inspiring story to share. While the situations vary, their message remains the same – dust yourself off, focus and live your life.

As well as the book, Spenser is producing a documentary coming out in May, 2016.

  • TEEN PREGNANCY                  
  • CANCER                               
  • EMBEZZLEMENT                      
  • ADVOCACY                 
  • BANKRUPTCY                
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE            
  • ILLNESS IN FAMILY          
  • GIVING BACK                      
  • DIVORCE                  
  • LOVE

The Women of One Red Lipstick.  All Pictures and Short Quotes can be found   RIGHT HERE!   spenSpenser Chapple is a young woman on a mission. She wants to share the stories of women who have overcome the odds and achieved success, on their own terms. Through the One Red Lipstick project she has developed a documentary and gathered together stories for this book.


Meet the women

Fay ChappleBe where you are       Fay Chapple is Spenser’s mother and the reason this whole project started. Fay was a global leader in the corporate world, when her husband at 46 became disabled and her world changed overnight. Being the breadwinner for the family, with a disabled husband and three young children, (ages 17,15 and 4) to support, she had to in her own words – “just to get on with it.” And she has.


Nadja_PiatkaMuffins to millions When Nadja Piatka found herself divorced, a single parent, she couldn’t find a job, so she hired herself. She knew how to bake and started off selling her muffins to her local coffee shops. Today her products are sold in MacDonalds, Subway and other large food chains. It’s a multi-million business. After appearing on Oprah, she helps others bring their food products to market.


Image 2016-01-27 at 4.20 PMIf it doesn’t work, change it Andreea Ayers is a serial entrepreneur and a successful one at that – from t-shirts to soaps, to marketing and online training, she has started, sold and run several businesses. In her story, she shares how she decided to turn down a great opportunity because the timing didn’t suit her or her young family. She wasn’t prepared to make the sacrifices required to make it happen.


MichelePhoto_01Bouncing back When faced with potential bankruptcy after an employee had embezzled substantial funds from her, Michele Bailey chose to take the hit and keep going. In her story she shares her gutsy start leaving her jewelry with the banker as collateral to how her friends and family rallied around to support her as she picked up the pieces and learned to trust again.


Svetlana_KimLet go of the fear that holds you back Originally from Russia and of Korean descent, Svetlana Kim escaped to the United States with just a dollar in her pocket, no English and really no plan. But she kept meeting people who went out of their way to help her, to connect her to the right people. She is the author of White Pearl and I : A Memoir of a Political Refugee, and is a hypnotherapist and consultant.  

Image 2016-01-27 at 4.32 PM

Doing well by doing good    It was a chance meeting with someone from a charity that first triggered Jody Steinhauers entry into the non-profit world, and in particular the plight of the homeless. She has since started a charitable arm to her promotions business, so she can help the homeless deal with the extremes of climate, in both the summer and winter. She works with corporations to make it happen.

avvMake no apologies. Plot your own course. Steer your own ship.  At fifteen, Anastasia Valentine found herself pregnant with her son. For much of her working life she has been striving to break the stereotype of teen mothers, wanting to prove to herself, her son and the world, that she, and others like her, can be and are successful. Today she has a successful marketing practice with a team working with her globally on her clients’ needs.


You don’t have to be alone when you own    After an eclectic career in the non-profit sector, government and as editor of a magazine, Anne Day was 50 when she started her business. But two years in she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. This wake-up call caused her to focus all her energies on Company of Women, as she wanted to make a difference and help other women in business succeed.

WendyBuchananFinding your niche , Wendy Buchanan is an optician and image consultant and has the unique business of helping people, men and women, look “spectacular.” Visiting her clients’ homes or offices, her mobile eyewear boutique has created a niche market for her. She’s overcome the naysayers and in her own way, carved out a successful business despite what people told her at the start.

IMG_1651Everything is a gift  Fashion icon Linda Lundstrom had a highly successful business, with 150 staff and a multi-million business.   But her business and life took a dramatic down turn when the bank called in her loan. Forced to go into bankruptcy in order to repay the money owed, Linda shares how in fact failure is a gift and what she has learned from this experience.  
head shot june 2015 2The accidental entrepreneur After 27 years on the factory floor in the auto industry, Linda Sztanko transformed herself from a shy bedridden factory worker to become a charismatic entrepreneur.  After struggling with her health, she is well on the road to recovery. She shares her journey to this stage and how exciting new doors are opening up for her as she learns more about the world of business.


12249694_10156297507430441_5994143342291308584_nThe advocate  Originally from Guyana, Che Marville’s near death experience when she was a child has shaped who she has become today and how she appreciates the fragility of life. She has always been an advocate for the disadvantaged and speaks eloquently about the role we have in being the voice for others who cannot speak for themselves. She is running for public office.  


Marsha Pink JacketCourage, confidence, commitment  Between the tragic death of her daughter, the granddaughter she was left to raise as well as her decision to get back to basics and turn her PR agency around after facing potential bankruptcy, it is safe to say that Marsha Friedman is a survivor. Then there’s her decision to leave the Church of Scientology which seriously impacted her relationships with friends and family.


Image 2016-01-27 at 4.17 PMKeep on going Jemma Fong spent the first three years of her life in an orphanage in Hong Kong, until she was adopted by a Caucasian couple and brought to live in England and later in Canada.   A talented web designer, Jemma decided after she was diagnosed with Lupus, that having a web/online development business was one way she could support herself, as her health was unpredictable.  


Image 2016-01-27 at 4.22 PMLiving big Carol Schulte is on a journey to find herself. After her mother’s death, she was lost and unsure of what direction to go in. So she traveled the world, had numerous adventures until she realized she wasn’t living big, she was hiding big. While she’s still on that path, she knows now that she wants to help other women find their calling, their passion so they can live big too.  


Image 2016-01-27 at 4.30 PMSet your intentions When Janice Martin lost her job, she wasn’t worried. She knew this was an opportunity to focus and decide what she wanted to be when she grew up. Known as a straight shooter, she’s very candid in her story about who she likes to work with and what she brings to the coaching experience.  


Maria2015 smBalancing business with babies  Maria Locker grew up working in the family bakery and so she seemed destined to take it over, but she didn’t. She pursued a career in teaching until she had children, but restless she started to dabble in different businesses. Then she came up with the idea of bringing mompreneurs together. Five years ago she launched the largest mompreneur organization in Canada.

FullSizeRenderLive it By the time she was 35, Dina Widtmann had suffered two major losses in her life – her fiancé and her sister. As a result, she was determined to live life to the fullest as she knew only too well that none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. She has a successful career and has travelled extensively.


ATC-October-2014-85-214x300Owning and honoring your passion  Angela Jackson never felt that she fit into the corporate world yet that’s where she spent her early career. The death of her mother had a profound impact on her. She’d always admired her mother and wanted to be like her. But she couldn’t do “supermom” and knew she had to lead her own life. She decided to follow her own passion – and that was teaching yoga.


Image 2016-01-27 at 4.24 PMAsk for help     Charmaine Hammond has had an interesting career from being a correctional officer, mediator and dispute resolution consultant to being an author. Her latest book Team Toby is being turned into a movie and she is on a North American tour to promote a million acts of kindness, using her dog Toby, as the central player in this project.


11210470_10153111703716077_6396759696593851120_nBe authentic and real  When Stacy Maynard discovered that her son was autistic, a return to her corporate job was out of the question. It was during her research to find resources to help her son that she discovered that she had a real skill and aptitude for social media. Recognizing that working for herself would give her the freedom to work around her family, she launched a social media training business.



The intuitive    Growing up Stacey MacDonald always felt different but it wasn’t until she was an adult that she recognized her intuitive talent and ability to speak to and message for Angels. She talks about how she discovered this insight and her joy in helping others identify their direction and next steps through the Angels.   She has a large following and is the author of Angels and Energy.
Image 2016-01-27 at 4.44 PMBaby steps Young and relatively new to running her own business, Nichole Bernard shares the challenges she’s faced in getting started while raising her young family at the same time. Staying positive and confident is not always easy but linking up with other small business owners has helped Nichole stay the course.


Jo Anne on TV setEvolve, grow, stretch In her story, Dr. Jo Ann White demonstrates how one thing can lead to another and if we keep our eyes open and pay attention, we can grasp these opportunities so we can evolve and grow as individuals. She shares how her career was shaped by a knee and back injury and she has used that learning to help herself and her clients heal.

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TITLE: One Red Lipstick

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“One Red Lipstick, We All Need Role Models   When Ordinary Is No Longer An Option” Spenser Chapple Is a twenty-four year old woman on a mission to find role models and as a result of a kickstarter campaign launched the One Red Lipstick project (a book and documentary) to showcase the resiliency of women.

We all need role models, and thanks to Spenser Chapple, we now have Through the One Red Lipstick project, twenty-something Spenser was on a quest to find women entrepreneurs who had been there and back, and yet were still successful in life and in business. She’s brought together 24 entrepreneurial women from across North America, each with an inspiring story to share. While the situations vary, their message remains the same – dust yourself off, focus and live your life.

As well as the book, Spenser is producing a documentary coming out in May, 2016.

Spenser Chapple -” I’m often asked why I started One Red Lipstick and I think it was through my mom and the women I met through her that I became inspired by their stories of how they got on with their lives no matter what they had on their plates. As Mom would say to me, “You get up, put on your red lipstick and get on with it, no matter what.

One Red Lipstick is a book that makes you forget about excuses and fears, and inspires you to go for it. Dragons’ Den thrives on these kinds of pulled-up-from- the -bootstraps stories, and I hope the book will inspire lots of women to take on the challenge and fulfillment of entrepreneurship. Dianne Buckner Host, CBC Television’s Dragons’ Den

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